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Vet definition is - veterinarian, veterinary. How to use vet in a sentence. A Brief History of the Verb vet. A Brief History of the Verb Vet Verb When we vet a statement for accuracy or vet a candidate for a position, what are we doing. 2017/10/05 · Something Special Out And About - Vet - Dailymotion Video izleyin - CBeebies-TV dailymotion'da - Dailymotion Senin İçin Keşfet Son aramalarınızın tümünü kaldırmak istiyor musunuz. Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment, conferring an award, or doing fact-checking prior to making any decision. In addition, in intelligence gathering, assets are vetted to determine their usefulness.[1].

2016/02/15 · Apparently, "to vet" comes from horse racing, where they would require a horse to be checked out by a veterinarian before a race, therefor 'vet' takes the general meaning of "to check". So, "vet out" would be "check out". "You should. Definition of vet vetted, vetting in theDictionary. Meaning of vet. What does vet mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation plus IPA phonetic transcription of the word vet. Information about vet in the. Vetting definition, veterinarian. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986. Open his mouth and insert something relatively soft perhaps the plastic handle of a spatula down his throat. You will either dislodge it, or the dog will vomit and the object will dislodge. Do not put your fingers in a distress dogs mouth.

If something is vetted, it is checked carefully to make sure that it meets the requirements that government officials have established. When a person is vetted, he or she is investigated fully before being given a particular job, a role, or a position; especially, one that involves military or political secrets. 2008/06/09 · 1 If you want to use 'vet' something - it means to 'examine critically for faults'. 2 'Vet' is also an abbreviated form for "veterinary' - an animal doctor 3 I believe McCain was 'punning' with the word - there is a double meaning to the usage of the word in his sentence. Steene, since his marriage, had lost all interest in the "bulbul," openly preferred discussing the nature of spavin with a coarse neighbour, and was angry if the pudding turned out watery--indeed, was simply a top-booted "vet.", who. 1 vet somebody to find out about a person’s past life and career in order to decide if they are suitable for a particular job synonym screen All candidates are carefully vetted for security reasons. see also extreme vetting, positive vetting Oxford Collocations Dictionary. The Vet says the horse has laminitis in his off fore foot, but it's all my eye. You see Chifney's as good as any vet, and I had to have somebody. Better take her to the stables, James, and send off for a vet. "You wouldn't say that if.

vet definition: 1. a person with a medical degree trained to take care of the health of animals: 2. the office. Learn more. Since the vast majority of protocols involve rats and mice, the vet should have expertise with these species. 2018/07/02 · Really Great Vet Take Something Out From Nose And Ear Update4 Please subscribe the channel to get more fantastic video and thanks for watching, Share and Like the short films.

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